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December 3rd 2008 - Pat Ovens

SAD NEWS everyone! Local hometown heroes Over The Top have announced that they will be kicking the bucket and breaking up!
For the past 6 years Over The Top has given their all to kids all around Ontario, especially to their home town Sarnia.
To some they were a gateway band into a whole new world of music, to others they were that wholesome friendly hometown ska band that they loved oh so dear.
But as someone famous once said, all good things must come to an end. But no white flags will be drawn until they preform one last EPIC night of ska!
Also for your entertainment and for this special occasion The Red Rockets and Explosure will be revived from the Ska Graveyard for this one night only!

November 1st 2008 - Pat Ovens

Thanks to everyone who came out to the Misfits show, it was a blast! Pictures will be up soon!

October 20th 2008 - Pat Ovens

Todays the Day! The Misfits come to town! Its like Christmas came early this year for Sarnia. So come out and Enjoy the show!!

October 16th 2008 - Pat Ovens

4 Days left until THE MISFITS come to town! Tickets are selling quick so be sure to pick them up at Cheeky Monkey, SAMS, or Stokes!

October 5th 2008 - Pat Ovens

A big thankyou goes out to Brendan Schieman for making an amazing flyer for the FAKE PROBLEMS show coming up on the 16th. Check it out to the left there and be sure to go to the show as well!


September 17th 2008 - Pat Ovens

Hello fiends of all shapes and sizes, if you havnt heard about our BIG surprise by now you must be living under a rock, but just in case ill tell you anyways!
TheSarniaScene Productions are bringing punk rock legend The Misfits to Sarnia on October 20th!
Now we usually do a HorrorFest type of event near Halloween every year, but since this came up, what a better way to celebrate!
Come on out, dress up if you'd like, and party it up with Jerry Only and the gang!

Sept 2nd 2008 - Pat Ovens

Long time no update i guess i should say. As many of you know we have still been pumping out shows over the past couple of months and we apreciate seeing the large turnouts.
A new website layout may be in the works depending on my work schedule and how busy Doug and I are about to get with a little surprise we have for everyone. More Updates to come!

March29th 2008 - Pat Ovens

Just fooling around with some audio from old show recordings and Flash. Heres a TSS SoundBoard to try out!

March 3rd 2008 - Pat Ovens

March break is upon us which means Doug and I have some time to plan some things out. We've been trying to book some big acts for a Summer festival, so keep in touch and see what comes out of it.

Feb 12th 2008 - Pat Ovens

Oh No! There have been rummors spreading around town that the 3IOB of show is cancelled due to the recent snowfall.
This is only half true. 3 Inches Of Blood, who we were so excited to see, did indeed cancel the remaining 3 weeks of their North american tour due to poor road conditions.
The Show Is Still On! We have replaced 3IOB with another amazing metal band called Sons Of Azrael which you can check out here.
We have also added 2 new bands to the line-up, Man With Target, and Weakness. Other then these couple of changes the show will be the EXACT same (same venue, times, price, etc.)
Some come on out and enjoy some heavy metal everyone!

January 27th 2007 - Pat Ovens

First of all, sorry about the show getting cancelled Friday night everyone! A Fire Marshal check out theStory the day of the concert and gave it a limit of 59 people due to none fire repellent doors, and no exit signs. Pretty lame considering it was the day of and its one long hall, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out where the exit is with or without a stupid box. But enough of that, what’s in the past is in the past. Moving on to more important matters.

You, the crowd wanted "MORE METAL" and we here at TheSarniaScene are giving you more! 3 Inches Of Blood tickets are for sale NOW at the following stores:

Sam The Record Man
Cheeky Monkey
Sunrise Records
& Pickers Alley

You can also find a few people around town selling them for us, $15 in advance, $18 at the door. The poster is up beside you on the right. 27 days and counting!

January 19th 2007 - Pat Ovens

What's this, never heard of 3InchesOfBlood, well check out these crazy YouTube Videos!



January 18th 2007 - Pat Ovens

Crazy news. Vancouver Metal 3 Inches Of Blood hit up their North American tour this week which consists of close to a months worth of metal packed shows from cost to cost. Their last day of their tour (Feb23rd) is going to be at The Industry Theatre in SARNIA. TSS is producing this show and more info on this show is to come ASAP. Stay tuned!

December 4th 2007 - Pat Ovens

Ahoy there Sarnia Show goers, I have an exciting story to tell you all! It all started a week ago while I (Pat) was getting my hair cut at EnviroTrends in the mall. I was telling my hairdresser Joylynn about the lack of venues in Sarnia to put on shows at. She felt my pain and had this great idea about introducing me to her good friends Joe and Nathan from a place called theStory. Long story short though me and Doug had a meeting with these two fine gentlemen today and things went swell. They are totally down to earth guys with great morals and ideas, defiantly the type of people we like to deal with. Hopefully this is the beginning of a great relationship and possibly a stable venue to hold our shows at. All i can say is we are crossing our fingers.

Oct9th 2007 - Pat Ovens

Hey everyone, ive been working on a few animations for a TSS Promotion. Heres what the final draft looks like!

Launch in external player

Oct1st 2007 - Pat Ovens

Any out there? Testing Testing. Well its me Pat here doing a few site updates, added flyers to the Show History section and starting to revive the message board one step at a time. Also ive been adding a few tracks from local bands over the past weeks to the media section as well as a new Trailer for the FuckTheFacts DVD thats on sale now for only $5. Check back soon and who knows what you will find!